• wykład w American Conrner pt. "Why do we love misinformation?"

        • 06.11.2019 13:59
        • W dniu 5 listopada 2019r. 2 grupki uczniów pod opieką pani Katarzyny Babiarz i pani Agnieszki Kałczyńskiej Durlej udały się do biblioteki American Corner, by wysłuchać wykładu pana Miłosza Wiatrowskiego w języku angielskim i poświęconego dezinformacji i fake newsow we współczesnym świecie. Bardzo ciekawy wykład. Poniżej trochę więcej informacji w języku angielskim i informacji o wykładowcy.

          Why do we love misinformation? – Miłosz Wiatrowski lecture.

          ► What makes it so difficult to distinguish between facts and lies and manipulation? Conclusions from psychological experiments.

          ► What changed? Is interest in fake news a matter of fashion or the growing importance of the problem?

          ► Miłosz Wiatrowski is a PhD candidate in History at Yale University, where he researches transnational intellectual history of neoliberalism. He is an expert at “Future is Now”, a think tank founded by Gazeta Wyborcza, and at Polityka Insight. Prior to starting his PhD, he worked as a consultant for the Development Cooperation Directorate at the OECD, where he advised on infrastructure investments. Miłosz also completed a traineeship at the European Commission, covering state aid policy at DG Competition, and was as an intern at the World Bank office in Paris. Miłosz graduated from Sciences Po Paris, Universität St. Gallen and the College of Europe. He is an alumnus of the Aspen Young Leaders Program and European Commission’s EPSC Leadership Academy. Miłosz has worked on disinformation related projects for Schuman Foundation and Goethe Institut. He has written for Gazeta Wyborcza, Krytyka Polityczna, OKO.press and New Eastern Europe.